Presidiowalk is an exploration of connectivity of people and place through linear mobility architecture. 

Situated within the famous Presidio National Forrest in San Francisco, California, the project intends to create a new gateway to the Presidio for enriched visitor interaction.  Instead of creating one single point of "connection" gathering place, congreation, point of emphasis, point of meeting, the gateway is intended to become the connectio between the Main Post of the Presidio to the beach through a boardwalk with dispersed program like cafes, retail boths integrated into the architecture, outdoor theaters, exhibition spaces, and public pools at the water's edge.  In addition, the project seeks to renovate the existing site conditions, composed of depreciated nature and parking lots, by re-infiltrating the vegetation along the boardwalk.  As a result, the visitors will experience the boardwalk with curated views of the San Francisco landmarks through the canopies of the surrounding trees. 


© 2017-2019 by Walter Bolanos 

landscape diagram [Converted]